Ardenne is founded on high ethical principles based on the moral teachings of Christianity. Its motto, ‘Deo Duce Quaere Optima’, translates ‘With God As Guide, Seek The Best.’

Ardenne High School is committed to providing quality education in a Christian environment and to inculcate the principles of Christian tolerance and self-discipline as the foundation for self worth. This is achieved by offering a wide variety of activities, which serves to prepare students to become responsible and contributing members of society.


The main goals are to:

  • Develop the students’ human potential by assisting them in the realisation of their talents and abilities.
  • Foster in students the capacity to think independently, analytically and creatively and to communicate clearly.
  • Provide quality academic, technical, vocational and physical training.
  • Encourage students to participate in community activities and become productive citizens.
  • Assist students in developing social, moral and spiritual values.
  • Assist student in finding their individual identity while developing a global perspective and appreciating and tolerating other people’s values and ideas.
  • Continually assess, refine and develop systems and procedures which will support and improve the effectiveness of staff members.