Ardenne’s crest, as designed by Dr. E.M. Claire Gayle, Former Principal, embodies the principles and visions of the institution. It is therefore highly significant and symbolic.

The crest bears the following: the colours blue and gold, a torch, steps, open gates and a cross. The colours were inspired by nature- the calm vastness of the azure sky and the sparkling radiance of the tropical sunshine. The blue symbolises the enormous potential of young minds while the gold represents the success and happiness to be gleaned through education.

As represented in the crest, a student on entering the welcoming gates of Ardenne High has the potential and undergoes different transitional stages (the steps). In the quest for knowledge and self-actualisation, each stage should bring one closer to his/her goals and the zenith of knowledge at that level, as represented by the flaming torch. The overhanging cross is therefore a beacon pointing the way to this success achieved through Christ.

Ardenne’s crest should therefore be revered as it encourages the completeness of man in body, mind and spirit.