Student Leadership


Headboy and Headgirl

The Role of The Head Boy/Head Girl Entails:

  • The maintaining of discipline in the school.
  • Co-ordinating the network of prefect responsibilities.
  • Ensuring that prefects do their jobs of instilling discipline in the general student body.
  • Developing in students an attitude of patriotism and loyalty to the school.
  • Ensuring a good relationship between the student body and the student leaders.
  • Ensuring that the House Captains do their job and help them in any way possible.
  • Serving as one with whom his/her fellow students can identify by displaying admirable qualities.
  • Being aware of his/her behaviour at all times, as he/she is the school’s major ambassador.
  • Representing students’ concerns to the school administration.
  • Meeting with the Principal and Vice-Principals regularly to discus issues, which impact the student body and the vision and direction of the school.
  • Presiding over the prefect body.
  • Meeting with the Deputy Head Boys/Deputy Head Girls

Types of Prefects

  • Form Prefects
  • Detention Room Prefects
  • Library Prefects
  • Canteen Prefect
  • Campus Prefects


Each Form teacher appoints a Boy and a Girl as Form Monitors at the beginning of each term. The same Form Monitors for term one may serve for terms two and three, as long as the Form Teacher approves.

The form monitor is in control when a teacher is absent. All students should remember that the form monitor is an important extension of the disciplinary structures of the school and even more important an extension of the school’s administration.




The Student Council is a representative body of the students elected by their peers to give voice to the opinions and desires of the students.

The Council is the official organ of united students’ expression to the Administration of the school. Through the Council, lines of communication are kept open between the student body and faculty and administration.

Each form has two representatives, boy and girl on the Council. The Council meets once per month, and the Council meets with the Administration of the school once per month. It is within the portfolio of the Student Council to offers suggestions for improvement in the school.




Peer Counsel is the term usually used when referring to the counselling of others in their own age group. This method of counselling has been found to be most effective in situations dealing with sexual behaviour, unhappiness, difficulties in relationships with adults – parents, guardians, teachers – concerning such matters as selection of friends, selection of clothes, homework, etc.