Clubs & Sports

     Ardenne High School is dedicated to developing the total person mentally, physically, socially and spiritually. In addition to scheduled classes a variety of activities such as clubs and games are offered to the students. The overall purpose of these clubs and societies is to help to develop optimally rounded individuals.



  • To foster friendly relationships among the wide cross section of the school population
  • To expose students to a wide variety of sporting, academic and service club activities
  • To develop in students a sense of belonging to a formal social group, while aiding the development of leadership skills and attitude
  • Preparing students for the wider world so that they will be able to make valuable contributions here and abroad


List of Co-Curricular Activities

Art Club                                                                                      Badminton                                                            Net Ball                                      

Band                                                                                            Basket Ball (for boy and girls)                           Math Club         

Cadet Corps                                                                               Choir                                                                      School's Challenge Quiz    

Club Salsa                                                                                   Club Chess                                                            Science Club           

Club Chess                                                                                  Cricket                                                                  Sign Language Club          

Dance Club                                                                                 Debating                                                                Spanish Club           

Drama Club                                                                                Football                                                                 Spelling Bee             

French Club                                                                               Lawn Tennis                                                         Swimming         

Girls Guides                                                                               Interact Club                                                        Table Tennis         

Inter-School Christian Fellowship                                          Karate                                                                   Tourism Action Club         

Key Club                                                                                     Literary Arts Society                                          Track & Field         



Co-Curricular National School Competitions

Manning Cup Football                                                                                                                                School's Debating Competition

Pepsi and Colts Football Competition                                                                                                      National School's Competition

Pepsi and Colts Football Competition                                                                                                      National Spelling Bee

School's Drama Festival                                                                                                                             School's Challenge Quiz

School's Spanish Festival      


Co-Curricular Activity notice:

       Parents are being strongly encouraged to ensure that their child/ward is involved in at least one co-curricular activity at all time throughout their school live. As of June 2005 only students who satisfy the co-curricular requirements of the school will be considered for award of Ardenne High School Graduation Diplomas. It is important to note that more universities are requesting evidence of co-curricular involvement along with academic transcripts to satisfy the admissions criteria of these institutions. At the University of the West Indies students who apply to the Faculty of Medicine should have school’s officials verify the applicant’s co-curricular involvement on their application form.